Wednesday, September 29, 2010

*** MY >>b<< button is more or less caputzki atm, gonna have to buy a new keyboard, recommendations of a cheap one with music keys are welcome in comments :)***

After my majors I'm getting some free time on my hands. Not much going on in school, there are 2 new employees that's getting trained at work so I'm not going to work during those 3 weeks (they're getting transfered afterwards, I still got my job)

I was thinking of picking up a game, one that isn't WoW... There are quite a few titles out there that are more than appealing to me.

First of theres Call of Duty: black opps. It's more or less an "upgrade" from Modern Warfare 2, which btw, sucked donkeyballs most of the time. The first and foremost important thing about this game is that there will be dedicated servers, no more retards with slow computer hosting, no more "picking a new" host every 2 min and hopefully less cheaters!

A mate of mine has access to the beta and I'm gonna play some on his account later, so far it looks like a smash hit, but let's wait and see. I will also be working on my flashbang skills!

The next game that comes out is Fallout 3: New Vegas, an expansion or dlc, if you will, of the Fallout 3 game. Fallout 2 and 3 are without doubt the second most game (series) I've ever spent time playing, the first one is Dialo 1 and 2. It's more or less like most expansions, new weapons, new monsters, new places, some new features and several more hours more of wicked game play.

In case you haven't played it before, check out youtube for some gameplay, it's pretty cool. Gotta love using V.A.T.S, zooming in on the head, shoot a few rounds and watch the whole body explode, yepp... this is how I imagine post apoclyptic world to be :)

Battlefield bad company 2: Vietnam is also comming out. Mixed feelings about this one. First off... bad company 2 didn't have any airplanes, sure the maps where a bit small for it but hey... MAKE SOME LARGER MAPS AND PUT F'ING PLANES THERE! Half the game lost right there, at least for me. Haven't looked into Vietnamn yet, hope there will be some more veichles and planes, for gods sake PLANES!

Me and my mates aren't much into "reality fps" or whatever you want to call it. I mainly hate the snipers camping spawn point and at the end of the fight have like 6 - 0 k /d, getting yelled at by most that they aren't of much use "BUT MY K /D RATIO IS BETTER THAN YOURS" Yeah... diaf.

One can also be dimwitted enough to hope that Dialo 3 will be released in a timely manor (more like 2011 / 12 but let's hope)

Don't forget, need a new keyoard, spend some 10 min checking and adding "b" to all the missed out ones... ugh.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I just got banned from wow!

Alright... this is really not good but at the same time, it is very good, maybe the best thing that happend to me.

I've been a WoW nerd for some 5 years now, I have a GF, part time job, going to school etc but I've always played lots of wow and spent way to much time on it. I got a few majors comming up and got much to do at my job atm so this bann sort of came at a very good time.

What happend? Well... I'm not really a guy that posts dumb stuff to people for no apperant reason but this one time I decided to see a GMs patience.

I make a topic about a item that was given to me in ICC 25 but a guy that won got dc'd and didn't show up untill the next day bla bla. The GM answers with the normal RP stuff, we talk and it gets sorted out. He then asks if there's anything else I want help with...

I write "Dunno what I'm gonna eat for dinner, got any tips?"
He says something about KFC...
And I'm "Haha are you black irl?"
He gets offended and right there I'm in a sort of bad spot, doubt he would do anything though as it's not that much of an offense but I then wanted to write in the guild chat but sinse I'm still getting used to Prat it wrote in the whisper chat to the Gm instead... Can you guess what I wrote? "Haha I'm talking to a ni***r GM and he wants me to go to KFC"

F M L... sort of!

Gonna play basket after school, doing it twice every week and I still suck as badly as when I started some 4 years ago. It's gonna be a great day :#

Sunday, September 5, 2010

This is rage guy, if you for whatever strange reason decided to live in a cave then this is something that you will see alot on this website. If you're still not out of your cave yet, this is a humour blog, made to make dead time at work / school / whatever easier. You can leave request too if you want something special to watch. Videos or pictures and stories are all good.
Monday tomorrow here in Europe. Americans and the alike are still enjoying their weekend. Poor Asians, already at work.

Last week our computers died for a few hours, couldn't do much. Long lunch and some card games...